Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Politics - February 16th 2011

Never have I been so ashamed to call myself Australian. The furore that has erupted over the funeral of the asylum seekers who drowned off Christmas Island is utterly reprehensible. Especially the comments by the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott - so much for Christian principles
And now Immigration Minister Chris Bowen refuses to let the young survivor of this tragedy stay in Australia with his family. Where is the humanity in this - what possible danger could a young boy be to Australia? Would it not be better to reunite him with his family and so allow him to grow up to be a valued member of our society.
(It now seems that common sense has prevailed and the young boy will be allowed to stay.)
Joe Hockey, who I usually view with some suspicion, has gone up several steps in my estimation after his public disagreement with Tony Abbott's position.

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