Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The politicians in Canberra have come up with yet another version of the old "we'll-cut-spending-on-welfare-to-help-the-country" scheme. This time it's the Opposition, and it beggars the imagination that a professed Christian would decide to try and penalise the very people that Christ was supposed to come to help.
Why is it that these so-called righteous people seem to have so little regard for the strugglers in our society - the ones who have to "do it tough" just to get by; while those who would make it even tougher for them live in perk-filled luxury at the expense of those very people they profess to care about.
It's a pity that the pollies in Canberra can't see the Karmic debt they are accruing and the questions they will have to answer when they stand before their higher selves.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Carbon and the Tax Debate - March 25th, 2011

Now I don’t hold much with politics and/or politicians, but the disgraceful way our Prime Minister (perhaps Mr. Abbott should remember that) is being treated, both inside and outside the House, just shows the way Mr. Abbott thinks. It is also interesting to note just who was NOT at the demo last week. Maybe the rest of the Opposition’s Front Bench are starting to back away from their leader? Not only the Opposition Leader, but the nasty little parrots on Sydney radio stations, who think that by spreading their invective to the simple minded will get them some sort of kudos. It’s easy to criticise – let’s see some of them go out and really work for the community they spend their time insulting with their mindless diatribes.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquakes and the French Nuclear Tests March 11th 2011

While the latest earthquake (with its attendant tsunami) near Japan is in the news, I am reminded of the series of underground - and some above ground - nuclear tests carried out by France between 1966 and 1996 at Mururoa Atoll. With regard to the underground tests specifically, I wonder whether these may have so damaged the ocean floor as to begin the slow process of ever-increasing and expanding cracks. There is a pic that shows one of the cracks in the ocean floor, off Mururoa.
It may be “drawing  a long bow” but the increasing amount of seismic activity along the Pacific Rim may well be due to the French Nuclear testing, seeing as how the edge of the Pacific Plate runs right near the atoll.

Brendan Fevola March 11th 2011

With all the hype that has surrounded Mr Fevola in the past year or so, one thing has become abundantly clear from his on- and off-field activities – he needs caring help, not the press hounding him every time he sets foot outside his door. The very fact that he has admitted thinking seriously about suicide SHOULD be enough to make the press – especially the Television Sports News people – back off. Or are they stalking him in the event that he does complete suicide and they can be “in at the death” so to speak?As an ex-Lifeline Counsellor, I hope he gets help soon.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reachelle Marie Smith - March 10th 2011

I received an e-mail today warning its recipients to watch out for a missing child. Before I did anything, I Googled the chid's name, viz. Reachelle Marie  Smith

As I thought, it's yet another hoax, or urban myth, and the child's picture changes with the story.
Why would someone do anything like this, given that too many children are murdered or stolen in our society. People who do this sort of thing must be completely lacking in any moral decency, and empathy for those who have lost children in tragic circumstances.
If you get one of these, tell the person who sent it to you, and then delete it.