Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The politicians in Canberra have come up with yet another version of the old "we'll-cut-spending-on-welfare-to-help-the-country" scheme. This time it's the Opposition, and it beggars the imagination that a professed Christian would decide to try and penalise the very people that Christ was supposed to come to help.
Why is it that these so-called righteous people seem to have so little regard for the strugglers in our society - the ones who have to "do it tough" just to get by; while those who would make it even tougher for them live in perk-filled luxury at the expense of those very people they profess to care about.
It's a pity that the pollies in Canberra can't see the Karmic debt they are accruing and the questions they will have to answer when they stand before their higher selves.

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