Monday, February 14, 2011

Egypt - February 15th 2011

It's one thing to rejoice in the downfall of Mubarak, but I wonder if Egypt is going to be better off now?
The Army now holds the balance of power and has promised elections in about six months with a proviso that civilian unrest must cease.
Will the Army really relinquish power, or will we see yet another country ruled by a Military Junta.
Not only that, but the civil unrest seems to be threatening to spread to other countries in the region - Iran and Yemen for example; and if that happens God only knows where that will lead.
I also see that India and Pakistan are having more peace talks. Good luck with that - as both these somewhat volatile nations have nuclear weapons (not to mention Israel and, possibly, Iran) I can't help thinking of the scenario envisioned by Neville Shute in his novel, "On The Beach".
Heaven help us!

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