Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christchurch, New Zealand - February 27th 2011

Bloody Channel Seven! In a news broadcast last week, the News Item was about Mr. Brian Coker, who was trapped in the collapsed Pyne Gould Building on Tuesday night. They had the story of how Mr. Coker was rescued by a female surgeon from Melbourne using only a hacksaw and a foldaway knife.  What they didn't mention was the rescue was carried out in confined space with the unnamed surgeon assisted by an anaesthetist, a policeman and a police medic.
Then - the final insult to the viewers -they showed old footage of a rescuer using a hacksaw to cut through what I think was some concrete reinforcement steel out in the street. To be sure, they didn't actually SAY it was the surgeon, but putting that story over that vision was one more instance of the sad development of what Channel Seven chooses to call "News".
The other thing that ALL news services are doing, is making silly puns about their stories. Story about racing - the commentator will be a little "hoarse/horse" that sort of thing. It might have been funny once, but enough is enough.

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